Rent the Blair!

Looking for a place to have a party, event, or to make an announcement?  We’ve got you covered!

  • Private Showing of Current Movie
    • $40 Facility Rental Fee
    • 1-10 people – $5 per ticket
    • 11-25 people – $4 per ticket
    • 26-50 people – $3.50 per ticket
    • 50 people or more – contact us!
  • Private Showing of a Movie of Your Choice
    • Facility rental fee of $100.
    • In order to be in compliance with Title 17 of the United States code, additional fees can and will vary depending on the movie you choose. The Blair cannot and will not hold a public presentation of someone else’s intellectual property without acquiring/verifying permission from the owner of said property. Check out the short video below from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation for more information.
  • Facility Only Rental Fees
    • $175 for up to four hours of use.
    • $25 for each additional hour.
    • 10% of all ticket sales.
    • All personnel costs. – Please contact us to discuss your event’s specific needs.
    • All licensing fees required to host your event or proof of required licenses. – Please contact us to discuss your event’s specific needs.
    • Production Equipment and Services – Please contact us to discuss your event’s specific needs.
    • Please note that non-profit and community event rates are available. Contact us to discuss your specific event to get an accurate estimate from us.


Depending on your needs, a cleaning fee may be assessed on top of the rates listed above. This website is provided merely as a guideline and rates are subject to change. Please contact us directly to ensure the most accurate estimate for the use of our facility. All rentals require a 10% deposit at the time of booking, 40% of the fee one week prior to the event, and the final 50% is to be paid prior to the start of the event.